Who are we?

Welcome to Comite Civico del Valle

“Informed people build healthy communities”, Comite Civico del Valle (CCV) was founded on this principle and continues to incorporate this mission statement in all partnerships, research studies, and civic engagements initiated or comprised by our organization. CCV’s extensive background and accomplishments date back to our grassroots origins in 1987. In over three decades of serving the communities of Imperial Valley, CCV now serves various California communities through collaborative efforts with other established Environmental Justice organizations and in partnership with researchers, academia, and government agencies.

Research Studies

Our Community Based Participatory Research projects

We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge freely and welcome community members to use our reports for positive change.

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Our partnerships

Through partnerships improve access to health services, research, community service programs, and environmental justice to disadvantaged communities by way of education, capacity building, and civic participation.

IVAN Commmunity Air Monitoring Network

The Identifying Violations Affecting Neighborhoods (IVAN) self-reporting tool is an online resource that allows members of the community to report any environmental violations that are occurring around them to the proper authorities.

Salton Sea COEE

The Salton Sea Community, Outreach, Education, and Engagement (COEE) program has been implemented by Comite Civico del Valle in partnership with the Department of Water Resources since April 2017.

“AIRE Collaborative

Allies in Reducing Emissions (AIRE) is a concerted effort comprised of several leading environmental justice organizations throughout California addressing pollution and air quality concerns at the local and state-wide level.